Custom body Bronzing

Imagine a perfect summer day, and you are on the beach with waves rolling in. You are so relaxed you may fall into that near sleep state. You are perfectly content, calm, basking in the warm sun while getting a lovely sun kissed glow on your skin. You are also, unfortunately, getting that unlovely photo aging sun damage. This increases your chances of getting deadly skin cancer and guarantees premature wrinkles, sunspots, loss of firmness, etc.

Since we all know very well the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, why is it so attractive? If we can achieve the same look with self tan products at home or a quick spray tan from the salon why take that risk? The reason is easy to overlook in the modern world we live in: relaxation. The look is only part of the goal. The sunkissed skin is the icing on the cake. But what is another reason for achieving this desired look from a spa? Answer: relaxation. The cake is the relaxation.

What if you have the same feeling of serenity without the damage? What would that look like? It could look like a massage! More accurately, like this... a luxurious full body exfoliation with organic cleanser and cloth mitts followed by a massage application of natural skin tanners. All you need to do is melt into the massage table and  drift to that same serene mind space with expert assistance and some well chosen aromatherapy. At the end of this service you are smooth, "sun-kissed" and relaxed. You can care for the appearence of your skin today and safe guard it for your future while recreating the soul feeding ritual of sun worshipping. 

Custom Bronzing - $100

erika kennedy