Ultimate Body Treatment

It is my pleasure to introduce The Urban Studios Ultimate Body Treatment! This is the service that contains all the delicious things we wanted in a body treatment, but couldn't find anywhere. So, when the world won't give you lemonade, you plant your own tree. We begin by exfoliating your body with cloth mitts and a gentle glycolic cleanser. Many others would stop here and call it a day but NOT US! We carry on in the fight against uneven skin tone, rough patches and hobbit heels. Next we include a focused diamond microdermabrasion to the most stubborn areas of the body (be it back of the arms, buttocks and back). This is followed by a full body peel that combines five acids blended together to brighten, soften, smooth and stimulate your skin to its absolute personal best. What more could one ask for? Obviously, the choice of a massage or custom bronzing to finish the treatment.

Optional additions: the Time Saver, Essential, or Ultimate Facial so your face doesn't get jealous. 

Caution: side effects include uncontrollable desire to flaunt your glow.


erika kennedy