Which Lash Growth Serum Should I Use?


Long, thick, dark lashes. It's what we all want. If you are like me and were born with stumpy sad lashes instead of those resembling a Disney princess or baby doll we have to rely on a lash growth serum for some help. I always say "good brow, good lash, good skin and keep it moving…" I live by this mantra despite having the worlds saddest and loneliest lashes. With the growing popularity of lash lifts I thought it was time to review my top 5 lash growth serums. The serums in the chart are some of my favorites and I completely realize that there are many other serums on the market. Before you get to the list just know that I have tried all of these serums over the past 10 years. I waited at least 6 months after finishing a serum before I tried a new one. I started with Latisse years ago and most recently finished with Babe Lash. 

All of the serums I am reviewing have a derivative of prostaglandin. What is prostaglandin? Prostaglandin is an ingredient that comes from fatty acids and are primarily used in the treatment of glaucoma, a disease that affects the optic nerve. Other possible side effects: changes in eye color and eyelid skin, stinging, blurred vision, eye redness, itching, burning. I learned about this ingredient from my uncle who was using eye drops for glaucoma. The side effect of the medication was that he had to cut his lashes because they grew so long they would hit his glasses. I dream of one day having the first world problem of having my lashes so long I have to cut them.

So which serum should you use?


Rodan & Fields

First up, R&F. By far my favorite application brush! It's all about the applicator and R&F know exactly what they are doing. It may seem trivial, but I think it's important to feel the product go on evenly and smoothly. I don’t have to insert the applicator back in the product to get enough for the other eye. I'm not crazy about the price, especially when compared to Latisse, but I found that it worked faster than 8 weeks. I have some stubborn lashes and noticed within 2 weeks that they were growing. I realize everyone will notice results at their own pace, but this product worked the fastest for me. I do wish this product was easier to get as opposed to ordering it through a representative. But, as it happens I think my R&F representative is an absolute sweetie pie and had the product to me within a week. If anyone is interested in getting this product and needs to find a representative to order it through, let me know. 

PRO: Applicator brush and no prescription required 

CON: Price and needing to go through a R&F representative



At $95 NeuLash was just enticing enough to try. I like to experiment with new beauty products and treatments when they are $100 and under. NeuLash comes in 3ml ($95) and 6ml ($150) sizes. This is convenient because if you decide this is the serum for you purchase the larger one once a year. l like the applicator brush because it's similar to R&F in that there is less product waste and it spreads easier. You can easily purchase this product by stopping by Nordstrom. It's nice to not have to purchase it online and get it easily without a prescription. I also love that this product has biotin, too. It did take me the full 4 weeks to notice a difference.

PRO: Two size options

CON: none


Babe Lash

Babe Lash. I don’t want to start this review off on a negative note but "Babe" lash? Really? Couldn’t come up with a more creative name or…? I digress. Name aside I really like this product and think it works well. I noticed results in about 3 weeks. I had a client bring this product to my attention because when I would do a lash lift on her lashes wouldn't fit on the silicone mold! I have never had that happen before and since I have a major case of lash envy I asked her what she uses, and she told me about Babe Lash. I think the price point under $75 is a great. The lash applicator is extremely thin and I feel like I have to put it back in the product, shake it and then use it again on the other eye. I'm being a little picky but that's just me. Babe Lash can be purchased on Amazon. Normally, I am leery about purchasing a product from a secondary market, but this is the exception because the actual company Babe Lash is the one selling the product not a random merchant.

PRO: Price

CON: The name and the lack of product in the tube



Revitalash took a little longer to work for me but it did make my lashes noticeably thicker. I had no side effects of discoloration or dry, irritated eyes. Another plus, the product was easy to get. You can find Revitalash in many salons and spas and a prescription is not required. My favorite aspect of this product is that it lasted a long time. I think because the applicator brush is similar to a disposable lipstick applicator wand it holds just the right amount of product. I like that the price point is under $100. It took about 10 weeks to see results and after I was done with the product I felt like the results lasted months.

PRO: No side effects, easy to purchase

CON: Time to see results



Latisse was my favorite lash growth serum until I started trying different growth serums. I noticed results within 2 weeks of using Latisse. Latisse uses Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin derivative, and it worked wonders. But it does have some side effects to be weary of. Namely, discoloration on eyelids, itchiness and the potential to change your eye color. Be careful my green and blue-eyed lovelies! My lashes were definitely longer, thicker and darker. Great results but they came at a price. I had serious side effects of discoloration on my lids and under my eyes. During the time I was trying Latisse, I never wore makeup. I managed to finish a full round of Latisse but waited a few extra months before trying another serum. You do need a prescription for Latisse which is actually very easy to get. You don't have to go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Most med spas will carry Latisse and will have their doctor sign off on a prescription and give it to you right then and there. My biggest gripe about Latisse is not the side effects but the applicators...terrible! You get numerous packages of plastic brushes and are instructed to use one on each eye. Because they are plastic it doesn't feel like product is being absorbed, rather it just sits on the applicator. I felt like I used so much product to compensate for this. I found a way to extend the product life by cutting the bristles on the applicator in half. I was pretty disappointed by this given its high price tag, so I purchased a liquid eyeliner applicator online and threw away the Latisse applicators.

PRO: Effective

CON: Side effects


Can guys use lash growth serums? Of course. Of course, they can. Side rant... I've admitted I have lash envy but it's not fair that men typically don’t understand my plight. If you're a dude with long, full curled lashes I promise not to throw you out of my studio, but I may ask for some of your lashes as partial payment for your service.

Tip: Use the serum on your brows too!

Aside from the growth serums I've mentioned here some other over the counter popular lash growth serums…

Xlash Eyelash Enhancer

Nutraluxe MD Lash

M2 Lashes Eyelash activating serum

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to die for Platinum



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