I. LOVE. DERMAPLANING. Easily one of my favorite services…Dermaplaning is a method of deep exfoliation for the face and neck using a specialized blade and meticulous attention to technique. It removes multiple layers of dead skin and vellus hair or "peach fuzz." This fuzz can actually lead to clogged pores which can dull your complexion. Added bonus, removing the peach fuzz allows makeup to set better on the skin for a perfect look and you may find that you use much less product. The other benefit is that this deep exfoliation allows for products to better penetrate through the skin. This method is quick and painless with immediately noticeable results. 


What makes it different than using any ol’ razor to shave your face? (Please don’t use any ol’ razor to shave your face.) We use a surgical blade to get a much more accurate and deeper exfoliation of the epidermis.

First, we cleanse the skin and verify that dermaplaning is the appropriate service for you. Then we begin abrading the skin inch by inch, flowing around contours and adjusting our pressure and depth as needed for rougher or softer areas. During a treatment, you will feel the exfoliation taking place but it isn’t painful. We always check in with our clients to ensure safety and comfort. When finished we apply soothing and finishing products appropriate to the skin's needs. After dermaplaning skin may be sensitive as in in can feel like a very light sunburn for up to 48 hours. Avoid exercise, hot showers or saunas and facial products with acids.  

Dermaplaning is ideal for people with concerns about hyperpigmentation, texture, fine lines, dull complexion or excessive vellus hair. It is also perfect for those who are unable to tolerate chemical peels or nursing, pregnant mothers. The frequency of treatment will vary, but generally between 4-5 weeks will be ideal for glowing, soft, flawless skin.

Oh!!!! Almost forgot…your facial hair will NEVER grow more, darker, faster or thicker. Facial hair just doesn’t work that way.




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