Client Reviews

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M.G. - Tacoma, WA

As a male client I had idea what to expect getting a facial and wax from Erika. The facial was super relaxing! I like the way her studio smells like orange blossom or something because it is a really soothing environment. The waxing was extremely quick. I have heard all kinds of horror stories with regards to chest and back waxing but it was really quite easy. I will be going back to see Erika.

T.W. - Seattle, WA

Erika is my esthetician of choice. She is knowledgable about numerous product lines, follows up after services and answers any questions I have. On my most memorable visit with her we were discussing different product lines and she was very honest that the product she carried would not correct my very specific concern. After the appointment she personally shopped with me at Nordstrom's and Barney's reading the skincare product labels to find the right mix and percentage of ingredients. I have never experienced this level of personalized treatment, care and expertise. I have truly enjoyed working with Erika through the years and look forward to continuing to do so.


I’ve been seeing Erika for nearly two years and she is INCREDIBLE!

I’ve had skin issues since my early teen years—mainly acne. I spent years trying everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on the market, including seeing some of Seattle’s top-rated dermatologists. I’d leave doctor’s offices, hopeful each time with a new and different prescription that promised to aggressively treat and rid my acne. Instead, I was left with very dry, irritated skin that showed little to no improvement. I saw several aestheticians, too, who recommended whatever product line they had on the shelf, taking a one size fits all approach to my skin. I spent thousands to treat my unhappy skin over the years. I sometimes saw minimal improvement, but nothing sustainable. This is not to suggest these doctors and aestheticians weren’t good—their recommendations just didn’t work for me.

By mid-30’s, I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would not have perfect skin. Until I met Erika.

I initially saw Erika for my brows, and didn’t even venture to talk with her about my skin. I’d faced so many let downs and couldn’t bear another round of treatments and seeing costly, half-used skincare products in my bathroom that just didn’t work. Seeing Erika regularly, I couldn’t help but fall in love.

At this stage in life, my face was prone to dry patches, particularly on my forehead. I asked Erika if she could suggest a product for my combination skin. What she gave me not only solved the dry patches on my face, but gave my skin an overall healthy glow. Wow! I then asked about a cleanser, and boom, she gave me something that calmed my skin and persistent adult acne. I then started seeing Erika for facials and she was the first to identify and treat my skin for milia—and now it is gone for good. I expressed concern about my skin tone, and was given a serum that has evened out my complexion. Erika curated a skincare routine for me that is manageable, affordable, and actually works.

Even more unbelievable is Erika’s bedside manner. It is unsurpassed! She is a compassionate listener and takes time with each visit. She is accessible outside of appointments, and follows up to make sure my skin is responding well to new products and treatments. It is obvious Erika genuinely cares about her clients. She is a sincere professional, and I know I can trust her with my skin. I always leave in a great mood after my appointments, too. She’s uplifting, and you can’t help but smile when you see her!

For the first time in my life, I’m getting compliments on my complexion, even without makeup. Erika continues to evolve my skincare regimen to help keep my skin clear, while also taking into consideration anti-aging needs to keep my skin looking young and feel healthy.

Can you say miracle worker? Erika took my skin from all right to AMAZING. She is truly the best!

e.B. - seattle, wa

Erika is so professional, so sweet and just a doll. She does my eyelash extensions and manages to give me exactly what I want each time I come in despite me asking for something different each time. I love eyelashes and usually go in to the appointment with a pair of false lashes I pick up from MAC and ask her to replicate it. I love that she is so talented to always give me what I want. 

S.S. - New York, NY

I see Erika every 3 months when I visit for work. She is the only one who can do my eyebrows. My brows stay at least 8 weeks when she does them and I prefer to look like Frida Kahlo until I get to see her because no one else can touch my brows.


I adore Erika for numerous reasons but she just has a way of treating me and making me feel like I am her only client. She always answers all my numerous questions, tells me what I need and conversely what I DON'T need (something very rare to find). Erika is always good about following up and checking in with me which is a level of customer service I have never had before. She is my absolute favorite for brow waxing. Don't bother going anywhere else. Just see Erika. She's fantastic! Thanks for everything you do Erika!!

D.C. - Seattle, Wa

Fastest and least painful Brazilian I have ever received. Love her!

k.J. - Bellevue, WA

Love my lash extensions. They last a long time and my natural lashes are never damaged, brittle or thin. Thanks Erika!

j.B. - Vashon Island, WA

I visit Seattle every two months and I make it a priority to have my brows tweezed by Erika. She is the only esthetician that has ever been able to tweeze my brows (I use Retin-A) and create the defined sharp look of a wax.

L.C. - Seattle, WA

Best. Eyebrows. Ever!