Waxing & Tinting

waxing & TINTING

Brow waxing, brow tinting, lash tinting and lash lifting are four services that go hand in hand. Together they create a polished, put-together look. The end result is being able to wake up with perfect brows that shape your face and already have color to them meaning no makeup required! I use a semi permanent vegetable dye that is even great for sensitive eyes. Brow and lash tinting is done by mixing the desired color (Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Auburn, Graphite, Black or any custom blend of these colors) with developer and allowing it to sit on the brows anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes. The tint will last about 3 weeks before needing another application.

Both photos show the results of brow waxing and tinting without the use of highlighter or brow mousse. Some clients want a dramatic and very defined shape, others may want a more natural look. Regardless, a brow wax and tint defines the shape and means you won't have to fill them in. Easy!